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What is Surface Pattern Design?

Surface design is on pretty much everything you see in your daily life. Fabric for clothing and homeware, decorative objects, packaging and branding, clothing items, wall decor and wallpaper, stationary, and many more.

What I can do for you

Whether you are an individual looking for a pattern to be used on your invitation cards or your gift bags for your special day, or a company looking for a new fabric collection to be used on your bedding, I will work with you thoroughly from the beginning to end. 

I already have a thick catalog of patterns you can pick from. If you can not find what you desire, I will create a custom pattern for you. After hearing your need and what you are looking for, I will start with sketching the ideas, coming up with a colorway using trend directions, keeping you informed at all times, and deliver a high quality and unique design that matches your requirements.

Types of Licensing

Some main factors affect the pricing of a surface pattern design, such as the place and the size of the company, the duration of the license, exclusivity, custom design, type and quantity of the product or purpose, and attribution to the creator.

  • One-time, flat fee license

You can license my patterns for a discussed period exclusively or non-exclusively.

  • Royalties

A percentage the designer will receive on a per-unit-sales basis.

***As the designer, I, Özde Bayer Sertöz, retain all copyright and ownership of the artworks and all derivative works at all times. 

Get in touch with me!

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