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My Background

My name is Özde Bayer. I am a self-taught Turkish surface pattern designer living in Bonn, Germany. I studied Interior Architecture, and I was an architect in my early working years. After that, I studied Set Design and Art Direction then I worked as a set designer for movies and events in Berlin.

I encountered surface design when an acquaintance asked me to design packaging for her. I fell in love with it immediately! Since then, it is my passion to create artworks that I can apply on surfaces.

My design style is a combination of folk art and art nouveau with a modern Scandinavian feeling. My strength is in creating artworks filled with animals and botanicals.

You can follow me on my Instagram to keep up with my latest designs!

My Story and Family

I started my creative life with my mother, Tülin. She used to be a Military Cartographer and we used to spend days drawing and making crafts together. I take after her in my attention to detail.


My father Selçuk is a Mechanical Engineer and he owns his own company. He is the one who thought me about life and to enjoy every single day. Watching him encouraged me to be my own boss.


My husband Emre is a mathematician. He is the one keeping me grounded and pushing me every day to be better in what I do. He is the one who encouraged me to find my passion.

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